Protect the Dragon Egg Fantasy Tennis Drill for Kids

Protect the Dragon Egg Fantasy Tennis Drill for Kids

Adding an element of fun to your children’s tennis drill will encourage them to improve their tennis skills while they’re learning the game. In this drill, under eight-year-olds can learn about coordination and how to control the ball.

Follow these steps for tennis drill fun.

  1. The game can be played with three or more players. Two players are on one team as the dragons in a family. Their adversary is the treasure seeker(s), out to get their dragon egg. Each player has their child-size racket, with one ball between them.
  2. The ball represents the egg. The two players will hit the ball between themselves. They are the dragons, protecting their dragon egg.
  3. The third player will try to get the treasure. They’ll try to intercept the egg as it moves between the two players.
  4. If the two dragons lose control of their egg, it will be more likely that the treasure seeker will be able to nab it.
  5. The dragon who has the egg may not move until the other egg has been hit away from them.
  6. You can make additional rules if your dragons or treasure seeker are advanced. The treasure seeker can be made to hop on one foot.
  7. When the treasure seeker has won the egg, play rotates and they take their choice of dragon spots.
  8. Winning eggs are tallied. The winner of all the treasure is the player who is the one who has nabbed the most eggs. Play at least 10 rounds.

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